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This Jinalaya is situated in Khetarpal no Pado in this vicinity of Gol Sheri. It is of sixteenth century. Lord Sheetalnath is mulnayak in it. There is a reference of Lord Sheetalnath in Patan Chaitya Paripati composed by Sanghraj in V.S. 1613. A 23-inch idol of Shri Sheetalnath Lord is in the main garbhgruh of the Jinalaya. In the garbhgruh on the right side is Lord Mahavir and on the left is Lord Adishvar. In this Jinalaya there are idols of Padmavati Mata, Manibhadra Vir, Kshetrapal Vir and Narsunga Vir. This street, Khetrapal no Pado, where this Jinalaya is situated is named after the name of Vir Dada Kshetrapal. The special feature of this Jinalaya is that idol of Padmavati Mata is there in it. The idols of Padmavati Mataji and Lord Parshvanath were saved when temples were attacked and destroyed by the muslim invaders. It is believed that shravakas thought this place to be sage for the idol of Mataji and therefore, they consecrated the idol of Mataji in this place. The festival of this miraculous Mataji is celebrated from 13th of bright half of Bhadrapad to fifth of dark half of it, every year for the last two hundred years.

It is believed that perhaps due to some fault of some devotee a cobra used to be coiled in the lap of Shri Mataji daily. At the time of sevapuja it, disappeared. Because of this daily annoyance the devotees of Mother went to Maneksinhsurji Maharaj and told him about this happening. Maharajshri explained that it could only happen if some disregard or neligence (towards Lord or Mataji) had taken place. To get rid of this difficult situation Maharajshri gave a muhurta (auspicious time fixed with precise calculations) and according to that muhurta this festival is celebrated. On the last day of celebration i.e. on the fifth of dark half of Bhadrapad five artis (The ceremony of waving a small lamp or a bigger one having more than one flames before an idol) of Lord Sheetalnath, five artis of Padmavati Mata and one mangal deep – a total of eleven artis are offered. During these days of celebration many devotees come to have the advantage of darshan of Mataji.

Administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Ramanlal Manilal Shah, Shri Pannalal Mohanlal Shah and Shri Bhadrakumar Manilal Shah.