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This Jinalaya is situated in Bhabhano Pado in the area Lakhukhad of Patan. This Jinalaya with Shri Bhabha Parshvanath as mulnayak (chief god) is very ancient. This can be assumed from the references obtained from Patan Chaitya Paripati composed by Sidhhasuri in V. S. 1576 and from eulogy ( stanzas of praise) written by poet Udayratna on the 15th of the bright half of Bhadrapad of V. S. 1779 while having darshan of Shri Bhabha Parshvanath.

The dome of the temple is full of skillful architecture. The past ten births of Lord Parshvanath are gracefully painted. In the rangmandap there are eight handsome images with musical instruments. And the patt (cloth painting) of different tirthas with gold colours are eye-catching. The patt of immortal tirths (places of pilgrimage) is decorated with gold color. The patt becomes fluorescent at night because of radium tint. So the on-lookers in the Jinalaya have a pleasant and miraculous experience of feeling gods and goddesses, the sun and the moon having a ride over the Jinalaya I their chariots. This is rarely observed in any Jinalaya in any part of our country. A 21-inch idol of Shri Bhabha Parshvanath is installed as mulnayak in the main garbhgruh (innermost part of the temple). Lord Shantinath Sheetalnath. The elders say that in mid-night tolling of bells and musical tunes were heard and fragrance of incense and flowers was spread in this divine Jinalaya.

The last renovation of this Jinalaya was done on the tenth of bright half of Vaishakh of V. S. 2015 in the presence of Shri Rangvimalsurishvarji. In the upashraya (monastery) there is a vast Bandar (Storage) of rare and ancient books. The incessant efforts and generosity of Late Sheth Kantilal Nhalchand will never be forgotten. Bhabhano Pado is known after the name of Shri Bhabha Parshvanath.

Administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Jitendrabhai Manilal Shah, Shri Bhupendrabhai Sevantilal Shah and Shri Bhanubhai Chimanlal Shah.