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Shri Champa Parshvanath Jinalaya is situated in Golwad of Salviwada. First reference of this Jinalaya is found in V. S. 1655. The idol of mulnayak is with saptafana. This Jinalaya is referred to as Saptafana Parshvanath in Chaitya Paripati composed by Pandit Harshvijay in V. S. 1729. There are references of this Jinalaya in other Chaitya Paripatis also.

23-inch idol of Champa Parshvanath with Saptafana is as mulnayak in this Jinalaya with three garbhgruhs. On either side are Adishvar and Shambhavnath. Here there are three guest marbel idols which are shifted to Adishvar Jinalaya of boarding (sudent’s hostel) on the day of Dhuleti (next day of Holi festival day) every year.

In three out of four niches of the rangmandap with attractive marble pavement are Ganapati, Padmavati and Parshvayaksha. One niche is empty. There are different patts on the walls of rangmandap. They are painting of Kaikund Tirth, the episode of Lord Parshvanth and elephant Mahidhar, the event of meeting with Kamath, Upsarg and nivaran (sickness and remove of it) of Komath etc. here there is a beautiful patt of Sametshikhar. Parshvanath is seated in Devkulika. There is marble idol of Shri Premvijayji Maharaj in gurumandir. This idol was consecrated in V. S. 1987. The figure of ascetic Acharya Premvijayji in the photograph taken on the 66th day of his fast seems very glorious.

Last renovation of this Jinalaya took place in V. S. 2043.

The administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Natverlal Chunilal Salvi, Shri Pratapchand Bhaichand Salvi and Shri Mahendrabhai Gopaldas Salvi.