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Godi Parshvanath Jinalaya is situated in Golwad of Salviwada. In Jain Tirth Sarvasangrah the year of establishment of this Jinalaya is stated as about V. S. 1800. The first reference of this Jinalaya appears as Godi Parshvanath in Golwadni Sheri in V. S. 1576. In years V. S. 1576 and 1613 it is mentioned as Jinalaya of Lord Parshvanath. In the year V.S. 1729 the reference is as ‘Jinalaya of Parshvanath’. In Jain Shvetamber Directory this Jinalaya is described as Jinalaya without spire.

The Jinalaya is with only one garbhgruh. And 21-inch idol of Godi Parshvanath is consecrated as mulnayak in it. All other idols are of metal. The upper wall of the garbhgruh is decorated with small wooden images playing on musical instruments. The carving of these images is majestic. The idol of Godi Parshvanath is very ancient and according to the residents of the street it seems to be miraculous. On entering this Jinalaya with a small marble dome one feels immersed in devotion.

The administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Natvarlal Chunilal Salvi, Shri Pratapchand Bhaichand Salvi and Shri Mahendra Gopaldas Salvi.