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This Jinalaya is situated in Dhandherwada which is in the heart of the city of Patan. According to historical reference this Jinalaya was established in or about V.S. 1648. Shri Kalikund Parshvanathji Jinalaya can be seen at the entrance of Dhandherwada. The painting ‘Madhu Bindu’ on the entrance wall illustrating real picture of samsar (wordly affairs) professes that jinmandir is the fittest place for religious meditation for those who have alienated themselves from wordly affairs and pleasures. The idol of mulnayak Shri Kalikund Parshvanathji in this Jinalaya is one of the four ancient idols of Shri Kalikund Parshvanathji all over India. This has a reference in the book titled ‘108 Parshvanath’. Of course, at present new idols of Shri Kalikund Parshvanath are being installed in various tirths. But the idol of Shri Kalikund Parshvanath in Dhandherwada Jinalaya is very ancient.

This idol is known as Kankan Parshvanath also. As the hand-samput (the palms joined with each other with a hollow in them) of the idol bears an image of scorpion, it is worshipped as Vinchhia Parshvanathji also. In old days there was a great nuisance of scorpions in Patan. It is an experience of many people that if anyone stung by a scorpion was led for darshan to Shri Vinchhia Parshvanathji and the part of his body stung by the scorpion was smeared by naman (water with which idol of god was bathed) it got rid of the pain of the sting. At present also people of Jain faith and of other faiths believe that serpents or scorpions do not haunt the house of those who garland Parshvanath dada daily.

The 31-inch idol of Lord Kalikund Parshvanath of ochre colour is divine and fascinating. In the garbhgruh on the right side of the mulnayak there is Shri Chandraprabhswami and in the garbhgruh on the left side is the idol of Lord Parshvanath. There are 15 idols of marble and 45 are those of metal in the temple.

The administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Navinchandra Khubchand Shah, Shri Bhupendrabhai Popatlal Shah, Shri Nemchand Khemchand Shah, Shri Ashwinbhai Amitchand Shah and Shri Shaileshbhai Ratilal Shah at Mumbai. Shri Jitendrabhai Babalal Shah at Patan.