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Shri Koka Parshvanath Jinalaya is situated in Koka no Pado, in the vicinity of Golsheri. In medieval times, the king of Malva defeated Gujarat and ransacked Patan, while destroying places of importance, the victor damaged the idol of Lord Parshvanath. Shri Ramdev and Ashadhar decided to install a new idol of Lord Parshvanath. Three faultless idols were carved out of three slabs of marble. But the workmanship of these idols was not to the satisfaction of the devotees. So Ramdev made a vow that unless he got the idol of Parshvanath Prabhuji prepared to satisfaction he would not take his meals. With this determination he started his observation of fast. And Guru Maharaj also joined him in this ordeal. On the eight-day of fast, God appeared in his dream and showed him the place of required marble. Marble of high quality was obtained when the said place was dug. Idol of Parshvanath Prabhu was made of that marble. And its ceremony of consecration was done by the worthy hands of Acharaya Shri Devanandsurishvarji. Since then the idol of Parshvanath Prabhu became renowned as Koka Parshvanath.

Once Shri Sankheshvar Parshvanath appeared in a dream of Delan, the son of Ramdev family, and told him that he would reside in the idol of Shri Koka Parshvanath for four ghadis (ghadi meaning a period of 24 minutes) at dawn. During these ghadis worship offered to him (Parshvanath Prabhu) would be just as offered to himself (Sankheshvar Prabhu) and would bear the same fruit.

According to historical references this Jinalaya seems to be of sixteenth century. The renovation of this Jinalaya was done by the hands of Acharaya Shri Vijay Siddhisurishvarji Maharaj Saheb on the fifteenth day of bright half of Vaishakh of V. S. 1984. In this Jinalaya with spire adorned with carved and colourful main gate, carved pillars, beautiful arches set over the pillars, fascinating idols of dancers, vast rangmandap (part of the temple where religious dances and dramas are performed) and marble patts on the walls, a 33-inch idol of Shri Koka Parshvanath as mulnayak (main gold) is installed. Moreover, 23 holy idols of marble and 63 idols of metal are in this Jinalaya. Communicating this Jinalaya there is Shri Abhinandan Swami’s Jinalaya. There is an easy passage to it. The consecration ceremony of Shri Abhinandan Swami Jinalaya was held on the fourth day of bright half of Falgun of V.S. 1944. There is a reference of Abhinandan Swami Jinalaya in Patan Chaitya Paripati which was composed in V. S. 1777. This shows that Shri Abhinandan Swami Jinalaya is an ancient Jinalaya.

Administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Jashcanthlal Laxmichand Shah, Shri Shantila Keshavlal Shah, Shri Kirtilal Somchand Shah and at Patan Shri Nathalal Vadilal Shah.