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One of the three ancient Jinalaya situated in Dhandherwada of Gol Sheri area in Patan is that of Shri Mahavirswami Jinalaya in Patan Chaitya Paripati composed by Siddhsurji in V. S. 1576. Therefore, it is inferred that this Jinalaya existed before V.S. 1576. The 51-inch idol of Lord Mahavirswami as mulnayak is very impressive. In the garbhgruh on the right side is Lord Adishvar and on the left one is Shri Godi Parshvanath.

When asked by Shri Gautamswamiji about the form of the fifth are for the welfare of grand souls Shri Mahavirswami asserted that king Kumarpal would hail after 1659 years from the day of his nirvan (death). He would spread Jain faith in his eighteen countries. He would take twelve vows at the instance of Shri Hemchandrasuri. He would get thousands of temples built. He would not take his meals without dev puja (established ceremony of worship) and worship of his guru. After hearing the description of idol of Jeevitswami from Hemchandrasuri he would bring out the idol excavating Dhulkot and would install it in Patan. (This is referred from the book titled ‘Divya Jivanne Pagle Pagle’)

With reference cited above it can be inferred that the idol of Shri Mahavirswami in Dhandherwada is that of Jeevitswami. Moreover, according to history, Maharaj Kumarpal got ‘Snatra’ read before Shamla Parshvanath daily. As both the Jinalayas of Shri Shamla Parshvanath and Mahavirswami are in the same street, it can be assumed that the idol of Jeevitswami – Mahavirswami which Kumarpal installed in Patan is in Dhandherwada without any doubt.

Shri Mahavirswami Jinalaya was renovated from the base in V. S. 1949. The wooden dome with magnificient carving is kept at its original place on the Jinalaya. Those who see it applaud its grandeur.

The only idol of Shri Shasandevi, the protector of jain faith is in Mahavirswami Jinalaya of Dhandherwada.

The administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Navinchandra Khubchand Shah, Shri Bhupendrabhai Popatlal Shah, Shri Nemchand Khemchand Shah. Shri Ashwinbhai Amichand Shah and Shri Shaileshbhai Ratilal Shah at Mumbai. Shri Jitendrabhai Babalal Shah at Patan.