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This Jinalaya of Dhandherwada of Gol Sheri area is believed to be of about 16th century. A 71-inch idol of Shri Shamla Parshvanath carved out of a single slab of Kasoti stone (touch-stone) used for identification of Gold) had its place as mulnayak since ancient time. It is a heresay that formerly the whole of Jinalaya was made of wood. The existing Jinalaya was renovated about 70 years ago. A written statement is found from an ancient book that, ”On the 10th of the bright half Maha of V. S. 1655 and in Rohini Nakshatra Shri Lalitprabhasuri composed ‘ Shri Chandrakevali Rasa’ under the shelter of Shri Shamla Parshvanath Lord”. From this statement it is presumed that this idol of Dhandherwada is more than 350 years old. Moreover, there is a reference is history that Rajarshi Kumarpal got ‘Snatra’ read before this idol everyday. This leads to the understanding that the idol of Shri Shamla Parshvanath Prabhu is in Dhandherwada since the time of king Kumarpal.

The idol of miraculous God appears in child form in morning, it is metamorphosed in form of a youth at noon and turns into middle aged one at dust. Some fortunate souls (persons) heard ringing of bells and sweet turns of musical instruments at night in the Jinalaya in the past and fortunate souls of the present hear the same also. The idol of Padmavati Mataji is that Mataji’s glace is set on the idol of Prabhuji as if is a glance of worship.

The idol of Shri Ambika Devi whom many families of Patan worship as kuldevi (familygodess) is also in Shamla Parshvanath Jinalaya. The jains of Patan and pilgrims coming from outside make their souls holy by getting benefit of darshan, vandan and pujan (worship) of divine and awe-inspring Lord Shamla Parshvanath.

The administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Navinchandra Khubchand Shah, Shri Bhupendrabhai Popatlal Shah, Shri Nemchand Khemchand Shah, Shri Ashwinbhai Amichand Shah and Shri Shaileshbhai Ratilal Shah at Mumbai. Shri Jitendrabhai Babalal Shah at Patan.