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One of the famous Jinalayas of Patan Shri Shamla Parshvanath Jinalaya is situated in Jogiwada. First reference of this Jinalaya is found in Patan Chaitya Paripati composed by Ladha Shah in V.S.1777. So this Jinalaya is believed to be of any time prior to V. S. 1777. One thousand years ago, yogis lived at the place of present Jogiwada. A place known as Ghughra Bhavani Vadi is near Jogiwada at present. The place where yogis lived is known as Jogiwada. Jinalaya of Shri Shamla Parshvanath was at this holy place and was known as glass Jinalaya. This very small Jinalaya was famous for it’s glass work, enamel work and it’s grandeaurity. It has references with reverence and pride in many ancient articles.

Looking at the worn out plight of this ancient Jinalaya the hearths of Pattanis were filled with sorrow. With deep faith and fill co-operation of many pious jains and Jain sanghs, the administrators of Shri Shamla Parshvanath Jain Temple decided to restructure the Jinalaya right from the base. The head of the sangh proceeded in this direction with great perseverance and patience, overcoming all odds. Numerous sanghs and trusts promised to contribute generously Jinalaya. Over and above, appropriate guidance and full co-operation of the officers, leaders and active workers or “Shri Patan Jain Mandal” of that time speeded up the project and accordingly board of trust unanimously passed the resolution of restructuring of the Jinalaya.

On 11th day of the dark half of Chaitra month is the V. S. 2043, under the guidance of P.P. A Shrimad Omkarsuriswaraji Maharaj Saheb all idols, except the mulnayak were ceremoniously erected and installed temporarily at other place on one auspicious day.lot of discussion took place on the point of erection of the mulnayak whether it should be erected or not. Later in accordance to the advice and guidance of many ‘ Pujya Gurudevs’ and ‘Pandits’, for the upliftment of Jainism, 12,500 nonstop “Japs” of Shri Parshvanath Bhagwan, “Attham Tap” (Fasting for three days) and “Ayambli” etc. were performed by large number of people. In this way, with austerity, at the dawn of the 5th day of dark half of Ashwin (Asho vad paacham) of V. S. 2043, two cards bearing ‘yes’ and ‘no’ were placed on the hands of the lord. A young innocent girl was asked to pick up any one of the card. As if responding to the noble and divine wish of the people, the card bearing “yes” was lifted this clearly permitted the ceremonious erection and reinstallation of the Mulnayak. People were overjoyed by the decision. There was a festive atmosphere all around. The trustees decided to restructure the Jinalaya from the base and the work was carried out in full swing under the supervision of Patan’s well known sculpture Shri Vasudev Sompura. The new Jinalaya was planned to have three Shikhrs.

The entrance ceremony of the Jinbimb i.e. idol of Shri Shamla Parshvanath and others, was decided on sixth of bright half of Shravan month of V.S. 2050. It was celebrated with great pomp. Grand procession was also taken out. At that time for two hours “Ami Jharana” from the mulnayak and the walls of Jinalaya was witnessed by the people. People were thrilled to see such an incident and their joy new no boundaries. Divine was that day and that moment. It would be remembered for a long time.

When majority of the work was completed, the consecration of Shri Shamla Parshvanath and other lords took place under the guidance of great son of Patan itself – “Gachhadhipati P.P.A. Shrimad Vijay Jayghoshsuriswaraji Maharaj Saheb and others. On sixth day bright half of the month of Magh Sunday 5th February of 1995. The ceremony was carried out. Marvellous and architecture can be seen in this Jinalaya adorned with three white marble shikhars. There are three Garbhgruhas in the Jinalaya and mulnayak lord Shamla Parshvanath is in the main Garbhgruh, lord Adishwar is in the Garbhgruh on the right side and in the Garbhgruh on the left side, is lord Shantinath. In eight niches of the Rangmandap, there are different idols of Jain deities. According to tradition during Diwali people of ‘Shri Patan Jain Sangh’ go to this Jinalaya early in the morning for the ‘Darshan’ of Shri Shamla Parshvanath and other deities. After darshan they begin their daily routine business of the year. People of other faiths also have deep faith in Lord Shamla Parshvanath.

Administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Jogiwada Parshvanath Derasar Trust.