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Kanasano Pado is situated near the three gates in the heart of Patan city. The original name of this street was Karana Shahno Pado. According to past history, Lord Adishvar was in the house-chaitya of Sheth Shri Naguchand Zaverchand in this street. Afterwards Sheth Naguchand handed this house-chaitya to the residents of the street. The anniversary of this event falls on the thirteenth of bright half of Maha. During the days of Delhi Sultan’s invasion of Patan, three temples of Shri Shantinath, Shri Adishvar and Shri Mahavirswami were in Unchi Pole. But due to the fear of the idols bring damaged by the invaders the members of the sangh requested the residents of Kanasa’s Pada, for the permission of shifting of the three temple of Unchi Sheri to Kanasano Pado. After the approval of the residents of Kanasa’s Pada the three Gods together with the other deities of the temples were amalgamated into one Jinalaya.

With the passage of time this Jinalaya was renovated. It was reconstructed with the self-service and self help of the residents of Kanasa’s Pada who after their toil over their own business, rendered manual labour-service under the guidance of a Sompura (sculptor) and erected this Jinalaya like dev-viman. The consecration ceremony of this Jinalaya was held on third of bright half of Falgun of V.S. 1943. This Jinalaya is 113 years old. It is spread over an area of 7741 sq. feet. It has three garbhgruhas, five entrances, six shikharas (summits) and seven doors. In the main garbhgruh there is mulnayak Shantinath Lord (45 inches) in the garbhgruh on the right side there is Mahavirswami (37 inches) and in the garbhgruh on the left is Shri Adishvar Bhagwan (31 inches). In the Jinalaya there are 18 idols of marble and 135 are those of metal. In the complex of Shri Shantinath Jinalaya with grand rangmandap of unparallel carving and marvellous colour-work the chovishi is unique. There is a tradition of joyful throwing of gulal on the Lord during the bhavana ceremony at night on the anniversary which falls on bright half of Falgun. This is a unique festival of joy and happiness. Moreover, on religious occasions arrangement of procession of Prabhuji is prevalent only in Kanasano Pado.

Administration of this Jinalaya is conducted by Shri Janakbhai Balubhai Shah, Shri Pankajbhai Gulabchand Shah, Shri Dipakbhai Revantilal Shah, and Shri Vikrambhai Chimanlal Dhaynojwala.