Climatic Conditions


Patan has basically three main seasons, viz, monsoons, winter, and summer. It has temperate climate with proportionate hot and cold weather. Winters starts from mid October and lasts till February here while summers range from March to mid of June. Season of monsoons begin in mid of June and it continues till mid of October.

Tourist Guide


Patan is a dusty, little visited town, but its narrow streets are lined by the elaborate, faded wooden houses and more than 100 Jain temples, which are worth exploring. The largest of the Jain temple is PanchasaraParasvanath. The major tourist attractions in Patan are Rani kiVav, SahastralingaTalav and Khan Sarovar. Rani kiVav is an excellent example of subterranean architecture of Gujarat. This Vav was constructed by Udaymati, the queen of Bhimdev and represents the finest of the Indian sculptures and architecture. SahastralingaTalav, an artifical tank was built by the Siddhraj Jai Singh in Gujarat. The architecture of this tank integrated the great sense of water management and sanctity of water in Hindu religion.

Shopping in Patan


Patan is also known for the unique weaving craft of ‘Patola’ silk sarees. These sarees are produced in a great vast process by the Ikat technique. Threads are tie-dyed to create the pattern before the weaving process begins



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By road:
Patan is connected to the various cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad which is about 125 km, Siddhapur which is about 28 km and about 25 kms. from Mehsana.

By rail:
The railway station is located on the Ahmedabad - Patan line.

By air
The nearest airport is located at Ahmedabad which is about 125 km.


There are many Toursist Attractions including Forts, Vavs (Step Wells), Talavs (Lakes) and places of worship and unity of Gujarvada youth club and also patanpatola.

Lakes include historically and archeologically important SahstralingSarovar, AnandSarovar (GungadiTalav) and KHAN Sarovar. There are many a Religious places of significance on religious, historical or architerctural grounds. These include Old Kalka Mandir, Panchmukhi Hanuman, JasmaOdanniDeri, Old MahalaxmiMandir, Sindhavai Mata nu Mandir, HingarajMandir, PanchasarDerasar and Sheikh Farid no Rojo.

Salvivad, a place where Patolas are woven along with places where traditional clay toys are made are also worth visiting. Many annual religious fairs also act as tourist destination.